Boca Juniors Fan Wearing Crew Jersey

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If this starts to be a trend it will be cool and amazing and a bit bizarre. This is an iconic club that represents the best in beautiful football, and here there’s a fan wearing an MLS soccer jersey. Are we going to see Real Madrid or Manchester United fans wearing David Beckham LA Galaxy jerseys?

But the fan sports the jersey in respect to a player who’s left Boca and he’s showing his support, he’s saying, ‘You’re still part of the family’. The legendary football player who the fan’s Columbus Crew jersey he’s wearing is Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

Schelotto is a legend for Boca Juniors and now is gracing the MLS with his presence. Let’s hope a lot of his soccer skill rubs off on the young MLS players; I’m sure it will. Now, that Schelotto is coaching the LA Galaxy, wonder if we see some Galaxy jerseys at Boca games. Fans climbing the fence to cheer on their team in an MLS jersey is something to see.

Boca Fan Wearing Crew Jersey

The image almost looks digitally altered, but think it’s the real deal, a thanks to Dispatch Columbus Crew beat writer Shawn Mitchell for the image.

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