Who Has Better Hair, Holden or Rapinoe?

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Holden versus Rapinoe in a best hair challenge. They do look quite similar don’t they, especially their hairstyles? Who has better hair Holden or Rapinoe? Bolton Wanders football star Stuart Holden and women’s national team player Megan Rapinoe have very similar looking blonde hair, almost identical you might say.

Who pulls off the better look, Holden or Rapinoe? What’s more, the two themselves look very similar. And aren’t their football skills similar too. Both take players on and are clever at playing that killer pass just at the right moment.

Rapinoe is of course most famous for whipping in that left footed cross to Wambach for the game tying goal veruss Brazil. Holden, is perhaps the up and coming star for the men’s national team, if he can stay healthy.

What’s different about their hairstyles? Seems like Holden uses a bit more gel…

Megan Rapinoe’s Hair

Rapinoe's Hair

Stuart Holden’s Hair

Stuart Holden's Hair

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