Bojan is Spanish

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Bojan is Spanish

I’m Spanish and will play for the Spanish national team.

Not that Spain needs another incredible forward, since they already have two, in Fernando "El Nino" Torres and David Villa, but Bojan will play for Spain instead of Serbia.

He was left of the Euro roster since he requested a break from the game, a smart decision I think for a young player. No need to rush into playing in every single tournament. Doesn’t bother Messi though, as he ran opposing teams in China ragged, and now sports a gold medal.

Bojan though is fresh to begin anew this season tearing up the Camp Nou with his speed and quickness. I don’t know if there’s another player that darts around like Bojan, avoiding markers and tackles with a flair and ease, as they he’s playing in in sleep. And then to top it all off scoring goals.

The point is, if we’re going to take about favorites already for the 2010 World Cup, Spain keeps moving up the list, and joining Brazil, Germany, and Argentina. Spain having just won Euro 2008, and their team full of confidence, and with a young squad of players like Cesc Fagregas and now Bojan (two Barcelona trained players), the hopes for a first ever World Cup trophy could come true. That would be something. However, Argentina I think will win the trophy – it’s Bojan’s teammates destiny. That being Messi.

Serbia is a country that’s full of talented footballers, players with South American like skills and feints. They’ve lost another good one in Bojan sad to say. The Euro empire is pulling all the good from the smaller countries and making them their own. Isn’t that always the way it goes.

Really though, it would have been a big surprise if he’d decided to play for Serbia – he’s spent all his time in Spain. Bojan’s mother is Spanish and his father is from Serbia. His father is a former footballer for Red Star Belgrade and is now a scout for Barcelona.

Bojan has also signed a new contract with Barcelona through 2013, with a buyout clause 80 million euros.

Check out this goal by the youngster in the video below. He’s been fortunate to learn from a class group of players while at Barcelona: Etoo, Ronaldinho, and now Henry. The kid’s got grace.


Extra: What the United States needs to do is get Jose Altidore to convince Giuseppe Rossi to do a reversal and come play for the USA instead of Italy. Not going to happen, but we could sure use a player like him upfront. I think it’s too late though since he’s already played for Italy.

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