Highlights: Brazil Versus Argentina

Highlights: Brazil Versus Argentina

How in the world does Argentina forget to mark up the tallest man on the field in the first goal, Luisão? He is 6ft 4 inches tall, how can they leave him wide open on a free kick? On the second goal, a free kick bobbled around in the box and Fabiano followed up a shot from close range.

The game was in reach though for Argentina, Jesús Dátolo hit a laser of a shot to put the game at 2-1, but just a few minutes later, a superb through ball by Kaka put Fabiano in clear and he notched his second goal by chipping the keeper. The game was out of reach for Argentina at 3-1.

To think that Argentina might not qualify for the World Cup in South Africa, how can it be?

They have three games remaining. I think they cut it close but still qualify, even if they have to play the CONCACAF fourth place team if they end up in fifth. I say they rally and go through. Will Maradona still be the coach though? It could setup for a wonderful story if the team can turn themselves around and qualify and then win the World Cup.

However, how do you beat a team like Brazil? They have fullbacks that play like forwards and Kaka is an understated genius. Just look at AC Milan, how they already miss the midfield general so much.


Luis Fabiano Talking Prior to the Match

Luis Fabiano knows that he faces tough opposition tonight. But whilst Argentina fight for qualification, Brazil just need a victory.

The pressure is on Argentina, and Brazil’s centre forward is ready to pile it on. One goal could mean the difference, and qualification.