Messi Meets Brazilian Boy with No Feet

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Gabriel Muniz Footless Soccer Player
The incredible footless soccer player: While the Brazilian boy, Gabriel Muniz, was able to meet a number of Barcelona football players, there was one player who he was waiting for: Lionel Messi. Muniz showed Messi a few of his tricks and dribbling moves and then proceeded to put the ball through Messi’s legs. Nice way to greet your idol. Messi of course was all smiles.

If you need any motivation to go out and train today, or any day, just look watch, Gabriel Muniz, who despite having no feet, clearly loves the game of soccer and has skills even though he has no feet.

Messi meets the Brazilian boy who plays soccer and has no feet. Watch as Messi actually gets nutmegged by the boy. Just amazing and inspiring. Awesome to see Barcelona have Muniz meet his soccer idols. It would be great if Nike Soccer could create some type of shoe for him to wear. The kid too, even though he has no feet is all smiles!

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