Brazilian Ronaldo as Savior for Balotelli

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Mario Balotelli has stated that all he needs to do is meet Ronaldo, Brazilian Ronaldo, and he will start playing at a high level again and stop getting into trouble. Balotelli certainly has the talent and ability. In some ways, the attention and media pressure he sometimes gets, often because of his own doing, makes his job on the football field all that much harder.

In some ways this makes sense, I can see how meeting someone you look up to would lift you up or maybe make you want to change your ways. But, which Ronaldo does Balotelli want to meet?

There is of course the Ronaldo who tore apart Serie A teams while he played for Inter Milan and then the overweight Ronaldo who drifted away from the game and was embroiled in off the field trouble. I’m assuming it’s the thin Ronaldo who was the master of the step over that Balotelli is wants to meet with face to face.

However, the former Inter Milan star has maintained that he would change his ways if he could talk to his idol face-to-face.

“Introduce me to Ronaldo and I swear I’ll behave to the end of my playing career,” he told Le Iene. “I never met him, so you know when you see the idol of a lifetime it can change your way of thinking? There are many great players, but Ronaldo was the greatest and so one word from him is worth a thousand from the others.”

Balotelli also jumped to his own defense, claiming that his behavior has improved and that fans would soon start to see the full range of his talent.

“I already behave myself fairly well, but I’ll try to stop doing those stupid little things,” he added. ”It happens. You’ll soon see the real Mario on the field!”

Seeing how Balotelli is only 19 years old he has some excuse for his acting out and immaturity. Although you would think that someone who is making the kind of money he is making he could hire some people to give him some good advice. I’m guessing making that much money at that young of age is part of the problem. Hopefully Ronaldo will fly in and save the young lad, maybe show him how to put on a training bib, too.

The question is though, would Ronaldo want to meet Balotelli? And, if he did, what would he say to him? You know if Diego Maradona was asked to fly in he would do it.

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