Breakaways Drill

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Breakaways Drill

Field size: half field

Number of players: full team; one player working

Age range: 12-14

Description: This is mainly a drill for forwards, but it can’t hurt to have everyone try this drill, you never know when you have a defender who should actually be playing foward. 

A group of players in the center circle of the field pass the ball back and forth while a separate group of players, those who are going to shoot, or go on a breakaway, stand near the half way line on the right or left side.  The shooters race back ten yards to the half way line and touch the line with their hand. Once the players touch the line one of the players passing the ball around in the center circle plays a through ball to the player. The player gets a good first touch, pushing the ball out in front of them about five yards and then dribbles towards towards goal and takes a shot as fast as possible.  Test it out a few times, where the player has to shoot after a few touch or even first time.

The key to this drill is having composure and actually not going too fast, or so fast the player is out of control. It’s better to go at a steady pace and in control rather than wildly dribbling at goal. The composed player knows when to shoot and can also pick out an open trailing player in a game. 

Players should not hit the ball over the goal – try to force the keeper to make a save.  They should try to slot the keeper and hit the ball on the ground low and to the corners just when the keeper is rushing out to win the ball.  Sure, if the keeper is coming out too fast and early, players can try to chip the keeper, but the surest way to score is to surprise the keeper with a quick, hard shot low to the ground.

After the players have tried scoring on a breakaway from the right, switch them over to the left side.

Equipment needed: Just a soccer field with a goal.


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