Fernandes Back Heel to Ronaldo

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Fernandes Back Heel to Ronaldo

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s is on the hot seat but faces a reprieve as Manchester United tries to firm up their lead atop Group F with a trip to Atalanta. Cristiano once against saves Manchester United. Interestingly enough, it was Mason Greenwood who has a hand in both Ronaldo goals. It was the Bruno Fernandes back heel though that had everyone talking after the game. Many comparing it to Guit’s back heel for Real Madrid. Manchester United have the talent in the side, clearly, but are just giving too many goals away at the back.

Watch the Bruno Fernandes back heel to Cristiano Ronaldo below – was it better than the Guti back heel? It was a sublime back heel by Fernandes to his countryman. The two share a language to say the least!

Surely the Bruno Fernandes signing by Manchester United is one of the best the club have been in decades. I think we’ll probably see a few more Fernandes back heels in the years to come. And I’m sure most of those back heels will go to Cristiano, who Fernandes has always admired and looked up to.

“I was a fan of Manchester United since Cristiano Ronaldo started playing regularly for the club. It was my club in England and my first choice in England.”

What a joy it must be for Fernandes to play with Ronaldo. I’m sure Fernandes jumped up and down when Ronaldo was going to rejoin his former club. But again, defensively, Manchester United struggle and give away too many relatively easy goals and often when they’re in the lead.

So while offensively United are finding their form, if they keep giving away so many goals it will be hard for them to finish the EPL season in the to four or higher.

But what do you think, was the Guit back heel better than the Fernandes to Ronaldo back heel?

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