Guti Back Heel to Benzema

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Who needs Cristiano Ronaldo when you’ve got Guti? With Ronaldo serving a suspension for elbowing a defender in the face, Guti took his place and filled in quite nicely, as Real Madrid beat Deportivo Coruña 3-1.

Guit’s deft back heel gave Benzema an open goal to slot the ball into. This wasn’t the first time Guti has done the unexpected. He pulled off another clever back heel to Zidane three or four years ago. Guti is an exceptional player who has never really got as much praise or attention for his footballing skills as he might deserve, or at least not as much as some of the other Real Madrid galaticos.

Take a look at Guti’s back heel a few times in the video above. It really is quite amazing and very unselfish play, as he could have very easily scored himself. I’m not sure if Cristiano Ronaldo would have done the same if he was in a similar situation. Ronaldo might have been thinking about his goal count.

But Guti receives the pass from Kaka, takes one touch to control the ball out in front of himself, sets up like he’s going to shot the ball, freezes the keeper, and then back heels the ball to the on coming Benzema.

It’s the kind of goal that a team can unite around and really drive them forward throughout the rest of the season. It might be too late for Real Madrid to catch Barcelona in La Liga, but if they keep playing like this, and perhaps find a way to put Guti and Cristiano Ronaldo on the field at the same time, they just might.

Two Guti back heels two works of art.


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