Bruno Fernandes Penalty Kick Jump

Have you see how Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes jump right before he takes a penalty kick? Some players stutter step or take an extra long run up to the penalty spot, for Fernandes a jump allows him to see the keeper and where he’s going before he strikes the ball.

If you look back at Bruno Fernandes penalty kicks you can see his little jump right before he strikes the ball has gotten higher. It used to be a very subtle hop, but now it’s more like he’s getting some air. Almost Jordan like. Not quite like Cristiano skying for a header but a jump nonetheless. He almost floats in the air Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style.

Yeah, it must be confusing for the goalkeeper to see Fernandes jumping or hopping up in the air before he shoots. He’s hovering in the air for a moment and you’re not sure how he’s going to land exactly. When Fernandes played for Sporting Lisbon his penalty kick jump wasn’t nearly as high. Now, the Manchester United midfielder is like a buddha who has the ability to rise from the ground via mind control or inner chi.

Just how high up in the air will Fernandes get in the coming years before he takes a penalty kick? It is an art. It’s a style pretty much all his own. Let’s see if we can discover the secret to the Bruno Fernandes jump before he takes a pk.

Bruno Fernandes converts from the spot for his second and Manchester United’s sixth goal in their rout against fierce rival Leeds.

Bruno Fernandes Penalties Are PERFECT! Bruno Fernandes penalty kick jump is getting higher and higher. Right before Fernandes takes a penalty he jumps in the air. And his jump is getting higher. Take a look at the video below.

Bruno Fernandes Penalty Technique – Step By Step Guide. Another good walk through of the hop or jump right before he strikes the soccer ball.

Watch and train along as Bruno Fernandes takes Nike Master Trainer Jamie Reynolds step-by-step through his penalty-kick secrets. Hear it from Fernandes himself, how he takes a penalty kick.