Charlie Davies Caught Speeding in France

Update: American forward Charlie Davies said he was not the driver of a car stopped for going 125 mph last weekend, but told French police he was to protect a teammate.

Davies was going 110 miles per hour in his Audi Q7.

In the above image fans raise Charlie Davies’ number 9 just after the accident that nearly killed him.

What’s strange about all this is that it happened last weekend. Charlie Davies didn’t seem bothered by it this past week as he tweeted about various topics throughout the week, from video games to joking around with U.S. national team teammates.

Yes, he’s a young man, and can make mistakes. But someone died in the accident he was in year ago and he has his whole life and soccer career ahead of him. He’s very lucky to be alive.

It will be interesting to hear what he has to say about the incident. His Twitter feed has been quite the past day or so. He was a hero in many ways to people around the world and everyone was behind him in his quest to return to and make the 2010 World Cup squad. This all comes after a new ESPN the mag piece about how Davies is fighting to get back to his previous playing days.

Here’s the speeding story:

STRASBOURG, France — Sochaux’s American international striker Charlie Davies was caught speeding at 190km/h (over 110 miles/hour) last Saturday night, police in the Jura district of eastern France revealed on Friday.

Local newspaper Le Progres reported that the 24-year-old, who was driving an Audi Q7, had had his driving licence confiscated.

Almost a year ago to the day, Davies was involved in a fatal car accident near Washington, D.C. in the United States that took the life of a female passenger.

Davies sustained serious injuries including a lacerated bladder, fractured right tibia and femur, a fractured elbow, facial injuries and bleeding on the brain.

It cost him a place in the US squad at last summer’s World Cup in South Africa and he is still to return to professional action for Sochaux.

Davies joined Sochaux in the summer of 2009 but has played just eight games for the club to date, scoring two goals.