Charlie Davies Sochaux Interview

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Charlie Davies Sochaux Interview

Charlie Davies sits down for his first interview back in France.


Davies had this to say on this Twitter account:

Feels real good to be sleeping in my own bed here in France. It’s been a while. Tomorrow morning meeting all the guys at training. Night!!

What’s interesting about all this is Davies has played less than a year with French side Sochaux, it really says a lot about the club and fans, who seem so genuinely concerned about Davies and his overall health.

In this day and age of professional sports, many a team might push Davies away, but Sochaux really seems to want to help Davies return to his old self.

Also, it says a lot that Davies wanted to get back to the team as soon as possible. He could have just as easily stayed in the United States to rehabilitate and train before going back to Europe if he was uncomfortable at all with the situation at Sochaux.

And as you can see in the video, Davies has a second family over there in France, even if he doesn’t speak French.

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