Chase the Dribbler Soccer Drill

A defender puts pressure on the dribbler and tries to chase them down. This makes the drill more game realistic. Once a young player has master the technique of a skill, say dribbling, then try to increase the intensity of the drill and make it more like what takes place in a real game.

Field size: 30 yards by 20 yards

Number of players: 12 players total; players work in pairs

Age range: 6-8

Description: Players pair up and one player has a soccer ball at their feet. Players are numbered off from 1 through 6 – pairs will have the same number, one being the designated dribble and one the chaser.

When their number is called out they race around the circle, the player with the ball dribbles and the other chases. Player dribbling tries to beat the player without the ball back to their original position while the defender tries to kick the ball away. Chaser has to count to three before they can give chase.

The soccer coach calls out another number after the player gets back in place or the defender wins the ball.  Switch the chasers and the dribblers roles after a few rounds.

If the chaser/defender catches up to the dribbler, they can still try to get past the chaser or shield the ball from them and get back into their position in the circle first. However, only give these players a short amount of time before calling the play dead and calling out a new number.

The focus for this soccer drill is keeping the ball close to you, getting the head up and dribbling around the circle without letting the ball get away.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

Today’s tutorial will help you improve your dribbling skills.

The top players…including Ronaldo , Messi , Neymar , and Ibrahimovic all practice their dribbling.

If you want to become a pro then you have to improve your ball control , increase your speed and master the basic dribbling skills.

This simple training will actually help you in the game where your football skills need to be at their best.

As a pro I do drills like these on a weekly basis. It’s a perfect dribbling drill for beginners , kids or advanced footballers.

How to dribble a soccer ball Tutorial. Dribble like a PRO.