Chelsea’s New Team Doctor Eva Carneiro

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Yes, Eva Carneiro has attracted a lot of attention ever since she became Chelsea’s new reserve team/academy doctor or trainer and was seen on the bench and helping various players on the field with injuries. There’s even a Facebook fan page for her called, “Eva Carneiro -Chelsea’s Hot Physio – “I Don’t Like Chelsea But I Love Their Physio”.

The truth is that Carneiro is an excellent trainer and is just trying to do her job. Credit to Chelsea for hiring one of the first women trainers on an English Premier League football team.

Moreover, players on Chelsea’s bench are fighting to get to sit next to her. There was a rumor going around that Fernando Torres seemed happy to just sit on the bench and not even play in games or score goals as long as he got to sit next to the hottest physio in world football. Yes, Eva won that award that past three years in a row. But no more kidding around – this is her job, she’s a pro just like the players she looks after.

Update: Hearing rumors that Manchester United are trying to steal Eva Carneiro away from Chelsea. Actually, looks like Arsenal are biding on our services too. Every team in the English Premier League wants her as their trainer/team doctor.

I’m guessing it can’t be easy for her to be so under the microscope and getting all this attention. Especially in England, where the press is a bit harder on individuals. I’m sure Carneiro just wants to do her job and not have people talking about her looks all the time.

New: Dr Eva Carneiro, 42, claimed unfair dismissal against Chelsea, and sex discrimination and harassment against the club’s former manager José Mourinho following an incident at the game against Swansea last August. She and physio Jon Fearn entered the pitch late in the match to tend to an injured Eden Hazard. The incident led to her leaving the club shortly after and subsequently taking legal action.

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