Chicharito Back Heel Goal

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Chicharito Back Heel Goal

Javier ‘the little pea’ Hernandez has had quite a year for Manchester United, and this despite the fact that he’s spent a lot of time on the bench, watching Rooney and Berbatov play.

However, as he’s done time and time again this year, when he graces the pitch he scores big goals, and this time he does it not with his head but with his heel versus Stoke City.

Nani whips the ball in on and Chicharito let’s the ball run through his legs and flicks the ball with the inside part of his heel. This isn’t a back heel exactly but more a flick. Really, Manchester United and Chicharito make it look all too easy. Will they go undefeated in the English Premier League? Seems like they just might.


The Mexican striker is fast becoming a loved figure at Manchester United and another genius signing by Alex Ferguson. If there’s a young striker to look up to as a young forward, it has to be Javier Hernandez.

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