Christian Pulisic’s Cool Calm Finish

Christian Pulisic scores Chelsea’s first goal against Real Madrid in the first Leg of the Champions League Semi-Finals.

Rudiger plays a genius through ball to Pulisic who remains calm and dribbles around Real Madrid goalkeeper Courtiois’ incredibly long arms and slots the ball home. This goal should give Pulisic a ton of confidence going forward in his footballing career.

Is it a turning point? Surely it is if he can stay healthy. With all the pressure he’s been under to succeed when he has really already succeeded, this goal should be a big boost that he can play at the very highest of levels. Now all he has to do is score a goal like this at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in front of 80,000 Spanish fans.

Just a calm cool finish from Christian Pulisic who understands how you have to go fast and have a plan near goal but remain calm.