Alisson’s Heat Map for Liverpool

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Alisson Heat Map for Liverpool

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson’s heat map for his entire career for Liverpool. There’s one moment he’s in the attacking third for a corner and gets a touch on the ball which is recorded in the heat map. Alisson latches on to a corner and whips in a header to get the win for Liverpool which enables them to still qualify for the Champions League next season if they can win their remaining games.

This header by Alisson even tops his assist to Salah. This heat map shows every touch Alisson has had for Liverpool in the English Premier League. Just amazing to see. And Alisson’s touches on the ball up near the half way line are probably free kicks.

Alisson runs up for the corner in a Hail Mary attempt to save Liverpool’s top-four hopes, and he finds the corner with a clinical header to give the Reds a stoppage-time lead against West Brom. Watch as Alisson moves up the field for the corner kick and gets his first touch on the ball in the attacking third and it’s a gamer winner. Yes, surely Alisson’s heat map is going up on the wall in many a Liverpool fans’ homes.

“Any striker in the world would be happy with Alisson’s header!”

Alisson told Sky Sports afterwards: “I just tried to run into a good place and be there to try and help my players, to bring a defender, but no one followed me and I am lucky and blessed, sometimes things you can’t explain.”

Alisson’s header was that much more meaningful with what has been going on in his life off the field too.

“For him, for his family, what he’s been through, everyone’s been through a rubbish time but him particularly. Not being able to go back to Brazil after losing his dad and everything like that, the amount of emotions that man has probably felt throughout this whole year, welcoming a baby boy into the family, it’s incredible.

Interestingly, I wonder if keepers at some point might just come up on corner kicks more often and not just at the end of the game. It’s quite an advantage to have an extra player in the box, especially as most keepers are so tall.

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