Cicinho Mocks Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cicinho Mocks Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is just not having a good few weeks. First he lost to Iniesta for the European player of the year award, then he was sad about something related to Real Madrid management or owners doing something he didn’t like, and now he’s being made fun of and mocked by Cicinho of Sevilla. And to top if all off, he cut his elbow and was bleeding profusely and didn’t score from a free kick in the dying minutes of the game.

But this is just brilliant by Cicinho. Who so upsets Cristiano Ronaldo that Ronaldo proceeds to foul him and then say he dove. The crowd just loves it and eats it all up. Hilarious. I’m guessing this might become a trend….players in La Liga mocking Ronaldo’s steps overs and tricks.


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