The Clint Dempsey Bitch Face

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Clint Dempsey Bitch Face
Don’t mess with Clint Dempsey, cause the Texan won’t back down from anyone. And if you do try to come at him he’ll show you up with a facial expression that just makes all of your complaining and talking seem silly. It’s a funny face, a sort of sour scowl some are calling it. They called the the Deuce face or the Dempsey bitch face.

That’s just what happened to Jamaica’s Ryan Johnson, as Dempsey mocked him with this doozy of a bitch face. You’ve got to laugh at this. It’s just hilarious. I’m guessing it’s all over the web and on Sportcenter, at least it should be. It’s not the first time he’s gotten into the face of somebody though, Craig Bellhamy got a taste of it.

It’s almost like Dempsey took McKayla Maroney’s not impressed face to another level. I love Carlos Bocanegra’s reaction, too. He’s sort of like go get them Dempsey. Of course, this was all just talk and no fists were thrown or anything.

But it says something about Dempsey and how he always wants to win and fight for his team. Yes, sometimes these’s little duels and away from the ball things matter. Afterall, they give your team confidence and show other players just how much you want to win.

The United States won the match 1-0 on a free kick by Herculez Gomez in the second half.

Throughout the match there was a lot of pushing and shoving, along with a few elbows thrown and some kicks after the ball was played. In the years to come, when these two teams face off again, I’m sure they’ll be more of the same and you can count on Dempsey being right in the middle of it.

Update: The last name for the Dempsey look is the DeuceFace. When do the t-shirts come out? Here’s the full scene as it took place on the field:

Full highlights of the match right here. The U.S. played fantastic football/soccer in the first half but couldn’t get the goal, hitting the cross bar two or three times. The second half was more scrappy and it look like the U.S. was just trying to earn the win with the goal and sit back a bit more.

Update: Clint Dempsey meets his scowling bitch face sign and likes it!

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