Defenders Putting Hands Behind Their Backs

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Sancho Goal Barcelona

Remember when you played youth soccer and certain soccer players would clasp their hands together when they headed the ball? Well, defenders putting their hands behind their backs when defending in the goal box sort of reminds me of that. I understand not wanted to have a penalty called on you if the shot hits your hand or arm, but if you have your hands behind your back you can’t move laterally very well. It’s harder to get into position to win the ball or block the shot. And really, it’s kind of giving up and saying I’m going to let the attacker shoot and just don’t want to have the ball hit my arms. It’s surrendering.

Here Jordan Sancho scores a great goal for Dortumd against Barcelona defender Junior Firpo who has put his hands behind his back. Don’t you think that putting your hands behind your back hinders your ability to move? Take a look, just as Sancho is about to shoot Firpo puts his hands behind his back so the ball doesn’t hit his arms. I know it’s all happening quite fast, and the defender doesn’t want to have the ball go through his legs or hit his arms, but why not try to win the ball or block the shot and not worry about conceding a penalty kick?

Firpo comes at Sancho square on. With his hands clasped in back he can’t move to block the shot as well.

Sancho Shot

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