Cristiano Ronaldo Says Drink Water Not Coke

Cristiano Ronaldo created a buzz this Monday in a press conference. In front of journalists, Cristiano Ronaldo made a spectacle when he saw Coca-Cola bottles. Ronaldo simply swapped the Coca-Cola bottles with a water bottle instead! Wise move by Ronaldo and why he’s able to keep scoring goals at the age of 36.

Not sure how Coke is going to handle this though. I’m sure their PR team is scrambling to mitigate this potential controversy.

Ronaldo moved the two bottles of Coke aside in the press conference and tells people to drink water instead of Coke which caused Coke’s stock to fall 1.6% soon afterwards, good for a total of $4 billion drop in market cap.

Really, this is nothing new for Ronaldo, who’s always been concerned about what he eats and drinks.