Czech Republic’s Patrik Schick Scores 50-Yarder Versus Scotland

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zech Republic's Patrik Schick Scores 50-yarder Verus Scotland

Andy Robertson gets in on the action early, setting up a chance and sending a shot just over the crossbar for Scotland. But, it’s Patrik Schick who strikes first for the Czech Republic with a header to give his side the 1-0 lead at the break. Then it’s Schick again in the second half with a goal-of-the-tournament contender, scoring from over 50 yards out to cap off a 2-0 win at Euro 2020. The poor Scottish goalkeeper has to try to sprint back and block Schick’s shot but he only ends up in the back of his own net.

Yes, surely the Schick goal from near the half way line will be one of the goals of the Euro 2020 tournament.

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