Bend it Like…Romeo Beckham?

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Romeo Beckham Free Kick

Romeo Beckham, son of the famous David Beckham takes “bend it like Beckham” to a whole new level by emulating his father’s famous free kicks. So when will Romeo start to play for his Dad’s MlS club, Inter Milan? Romeo is 18 years old now and doesn’t really have much more time left if he wants to make it as a pro.

One thing’s clear. Romeo has master his father’s ability to whip in a free kick though. On Instagram David Beckham said “you’re welcome” to his son for passing along his free kick taking genes.

Watch Romeo Beckham’s free kick taking skills in the video below. I could see Romeo Beckham playing for a team in the MLS, coming on late in the game to score the gamer winner off a free kick like his Dad did for a host of soccer teams during his professional career.

Practice makes perfect. Romeo Beckham’s free kick taking skills didn’t just appear out of thin area. Yes, the Beckham genes might help a bit! But, like his dad he had to spend time on the soccer pitch striking the ball on his own. Now let’s see if Romeo can score from a free kick in front of 50,000 people when his team needs a goal.

Romeo’s mom, Victoria, said: “Romeo has been training with the team over here every day, because ultimately that’s what he wants to do.”

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