Cristiano Ronaldo’s Behind the Leg Cross

Ronaldo behind leg cross: Often, a rabona cross doesn’t really work. Here though, it should have led to a goal. Young soccer players should be encouraged to try things and do soccer tricks on the field. Even the behind the leg rabona It’s what the game is about and brings joy to the game.

To be fair, Cristiano Ronaldo just didn’t get a hold of the soccer ball too much in the game. However, great players seek the ball out and make something out of nothing. There were a few flashes of the usual Ronaldo and he did show off his skills a few times, but that’s more what they were, showing off type of things. Either way though, you have to admire his ability to do things like this, which turned out to be a good and dangerous cross.

This is a very young Ronaldo doing a rabona cross after a few tricks on the ball. Man, Cristiano had tons of energy and enthusiasm when he played for Manchester United. Oh to be young again I’m sure Ronaldo is now saying. Probably not as easy to get his leg behind his standing leg to whip in a rabona cross right now,  while playing for Juventus in the later stages of his amazing soccer career but he’s still got it!

Cristiano Ronaldo rabona show – behind leg cross.

Even now though, Cristiano is trying new things on the soccer field and still trying to improve.

“I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve, not only to please the coach and the fans, but also to feel satisfied with myself.”