Cristiano Ronaldo Sorcery – No Look Pass

The flick, the no-look back heel pass…The nonchalance is what always sets apart the greats. They seem to play the game with such ease. It’s like they can slow the game down with their skills and sorcery.

Cristiano Ronaldo did it to Antonio Rudiger. Calmly juggling the soccer ball up and over his head, stretching his arms out for a brief moment as though he was putting a spell on the ball and then playing a no look pass with his heel. It was all too much really, the magic of the moment. Ronaldo was certainly feeling it.

I think the announcer for the game Jon Champion said Cristiano Ronaldo was using his magic wand. Watch the magical no look pass from Ronaldo below.

Ronaldo surely drank enough water before this game, but don’t know why he’s wearing a long sleeve jersey. He changed to a short sleeve jersey at half-time.