Cristiano Ronaldo Bloodied

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Ronaldo Face Cut Bloody
In Real Madrid’s match versus Levante, Cristiano Ronaldo took an elbow to the face and cut the area around his eye. It didn’t stop him from playing though, or from scoring. However, Ronaldo was taken out of the match at the half as a pre-caution. Thousands of young Real Madrid fans cried out in pain at the site of blood rushing down Ronaldo’s face. Droplets of Ronaldo’s blood were going for a $1000 on eBay…


It has happened another time though in a La Liga match to Ronaldo and he still continued to play. What’s more, Ronaldo used a doctor’s phone to look at the injury himself. He was mocked for it though….everyone saying he was worried about his looks.

“Ronaldo staring at himself in the mirror even while he’s on the pitch,” offered one commenter on BBC Sport’s report. Commentator Ray Hudson saying Ronaldo was taking a selfie on the soccer pitch. Of course you can’t blame Ronaldo for wanted to get a look at the cut and see for himself just how bad it was.

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Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s face covered with blood and how the best player in the world was treated after his injury against Deportivo. Turns out the cut was quite serious.

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Meanwhile, in order to top Ronaldo, Messi took a knife and stabbed himself in the thigh and then went out and scored three goals like it was nothing, even with blood streaming down his leg and soaking his socks. After completing his hat-trick Messi proceeded to stitch up the wound himself.

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