Cristiano Ronaldo – Fast Feet

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Cristiano Ronaldo – Fast Feet

An old video of Cristiano Ronaldo during his early days at Manchester United, with a touch of bleached hair and all. Ronaldo demonstrates some of his finer moves to some of the young soccer players at Manchester. Ronaldo says taking players on was always part of his game and in his blood. Take a look at the young soccer star. Was it clear that he’d become one of the best soccer players in the world?


In the second half of the video Gary Neville goes teaches you about the stop turn move and how to turn away from pressure and keep the soccer ball when you’re under pressure.

I wonder what became of some of the young Manchester United players in the video as well. Surely some of the players being coached and taught by Ronaldo and Neville went on to play for the first team at United or other big clubs.

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