Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick Versus Portsmouth

Cristiano Ronaldo free kick. Ronaldo changed the game with his free kicks. Free kicks were always a thing of course in football, dangerous, a clear scoring opportunity. But Ronaldo made his free kicks a must see movie. Coming soon, a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick that you make you jump out of your seat. Incredibly, Ronaldo has nearly 400 million followers on Instagram eager to see him score more free kick goals.

Ronaldo quote: “I see myself as the best footballer in the world. If you don’t believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of.”
A rocket of a free kick against Portsmouth by Cristiano Ronaldo when he played for Manchester United. Alex Ferguson said this about the free kick by a young Ronaldo:

“It was the best free-kick I’ve ever seen,” added Fergie of tonight’s second goal. “The boy practices – that’s the reason. Even yesterday in training there were five or six of them doing it, it’s a delight to see.” Rooney has a word with Ronaldo before he hits it. I wonder what he said to Ronaldo….

Did you see Ronaldo’s unbelievable free kick against Spain last night? Remind you of anything? Relive all the angles of his wonder goal against Portsmouth 10 years ago.

When Cristiano Ronaldo retires from the game of soccer, he’ll surely gone down in history as one of the best free kick takers of all time. And he really introduced a new way of striking the ball, as when he hits the ball so hard that it moves in the air.

Sure, other soccer players have taken free kicks like this, Roberto Carlos comes to mind, but Ronaldo does it in game after game and free kick after free kick. And Ronaldo does it in big moments in big soccer games. Perhaps what stands out most about Ronaldo is he’s constantly trying to improve and get better, which you can see in how he’s only gotten better at taking free kicks.