Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick Versus Blackburn

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Cristiano Bad Angle

Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to score the 42 goals like he did last year, but if he continues to step up and score game winners like this one, Manchester will win just as many trophies. Even at somewhat of a bad angle, a very difficult angle actually, Cristiano is able to rip the soccer ball into the top corner of the goal. The keeper didn’t really have a chance.

It’s a mystery for many how Cristiano Ronaldo strikes the ball. He doesn’t bend the ball entirely like David Beckham, rather, Cristiano both hits the ball with power and bends the ball, but not so much bending the ball around the wall but up and over and then down – so the ball dips. Take a look at Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s knuckle ball free kick versus Blackburn in the video below.

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