Cristiano Ronaldo’s Long Distance Goal Against Porto

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Cristiano Long Range Goal
Is this the goal of the year? I think Cristiano Ronaldo’s game winning goal against Porto in the Champions League quarterfinals has to be right up there in terms of its importance to Manchester continuing on in the Champions League, its power, its distance from goal, and just the surprise of the shot. Take a look yourself.

This long range strike is a thing of beauty. The soccer ball hits the side netting from 40 yards out and at 64.2 miles an hour. The goal sends Manchester United into the semifinals and also gets some revenge for Manchester United after Porto and Jose Mourinho knocked them out of the Champions League tournament a few years ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 39.6 yard amazing goal against FC Porto in the second leg of the UEFA Champions league. The goal was the only goal in the match which meant that Manchester united went through to the semi finals.

Cristiano Interview: About the Goal

Cristiano was asked if this was his greatest strike ever? I’d think you’d have to say this goal is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s best goals ever. In a way, this long range strike changed his soccer career, put him more on the map of world soccer as someone who can change the game, score big goals, do the amazing, and win big games for his team.

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