David Beckham Likes the Word ‘Obviously’

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Beckham Obviously
Everyone on the planet knows who David Beckham is, obviously, as his face and body are plastered all over the web and TV screens across the globe. All of his tattoos and the commercials and his former Spice girl wife Victoria. The famous Ali G interview. And everyone knows he’s known for scoring free kicks, bending the soccer ball around or up and over the wall, as he does it quite often.

The phrase itself becoming a movie title, Bend it Like Beckham. Those are all things that are, well, quite obvious. He’s famous and an incredible soccer player. He’s the best crosser of the ball ever to play the game. Really, Beckham doesn’t get enough credit for just how good a footballer player he is.

But I don’t think many folks know that Mr. David Beckham’s favorite word is ‘obviously’. Yes, he likes to use it in interviews whenever he can, obviously, since it’s his favorite word. Just take a look and listen at these interviews below. This is obviously supposed to be funny and no disrespect to the man. Perhaps my favorite joke or prank during Beckham’s time with the LA Galaxy is when Birchall held an umbrella over Beckham when it was raining.

David Beckham Confirms Baby Girl

Here he says obviously only 2 times.

David Beckham Returns to the LA Galaxy

Here he says obviously just 3 times.

David Beckham Ready for a Healthy Season with the LA Galaxy

Here Becks goes for broke and busts out with a grand total 8 uses of the word obviously.

I don’t mean to hate on Mr. Beckham. He’s obviously one of the greats on the soccer field. In all seriousness, well, as much as possible at this point, he is the real deal. Beckham lives up to the hype when he laces up the boots and gets out on the soccer field. He’s a fantastic player and brings a quality and class to the MLS. As far as a crosser of the ball, he’s maybe the best ever.

Beckham has played for three of the best clubs in the history of the game, Manchester United, obviously, Real Madrid, and then AC Milan. Sure, he played for AC Milan while on loan from the LA Galaxy, which didn’t make the LA fans too happy, obviously, but he’s won where ever he’s gone to play.

And one can’t say he doesn’t have tremendous ability on the soccer ball in terms of touch, control, passing, crossing and timing. And this all at the ripe old age of 35, obviously.

But, keep an eye and ear out for future interviews with Beckham, as I’m sure you’re bound to hear him throw out the word ‘obviously’ at least two or three or maybe even eight times.

Update: And worse things have been said about David Beckham’s voice in movies….Deadpool 2 With Apologies to David Beckham

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