David Beckham’s Olimpico

How do you score directly from a corner kick in soccer? Watch David Beckham do it right this way. Here’s why you should always whip the ball into the box on a corner kick: it just might go directly into the goal. When trying to score directly from a corner kick notice the positioning of the defenders on the near post. If there are no defenders  it will make it easier to bend the ball into the goal.

Sometimes though it helps if the area is crowed with defenders and teammates, causing confusion for the keeper and not giving them a clear sight line to see the ball. And, all it takes is a deflection to see the ball go into the back of the net. That’s when trying to score directly on a corner kick via an olimpico is smart.

Extra: What does it mean when soccer players raise their hand or arms when they’re taking a corner kick?

That’s what David Beckham did for the LA Galaxy, he puts the soccer ball in at pace towards the near post where a teammate is making a run, but if the player misses the ball or the defender can’t get to it, then it very well might go right into the goal.

At the near post, with all the players charging in to win the ball, it’s hard for the keeper to see and make the save. Take a look. David Beckham creates danger with back to back corners, nearly scoring with his 2nd.

David Beckham scores directly from a corner kick with an olimpico.

David Beckham scores goal off of a corner kick.

With the match tied 1-1, David Beckham struck a corner kick toward the near post and the ball went untouched through a crowd and into the net for the game winning goal. The LA Galaxy beat the Chicago Fire 2-1 with Beckham recording a goal and an assist.