Charlie Davies Doing “The Stanky Leg”

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Charlie Davies Doing "The Stanky Leg"

Charlie Davies stanky leg. Long live the stanky leg goal scoring celebration. What joy there is on the face of Charlie Davies and Jozy Altidore in the above picture. Not sure if he’s going to do this in France, playing for Sochaux, but I would like to see him bust it out in a big game, perhaps after he scores against a revered team like Paris Saint-Germain.

It’s fitting, too, that Davies does a celebration that involves his legs, as he’s got some Cristiano Ronaldo like strong legs, thighs in particular, what you might call, “soccer legs”.

Turns out the dance move is from a group from Arlington, Texas, called the G-Spot Boys, with the idea being your sort of twisting your foot to around to put out a cigarette, but you use your whole leg in the twisting motion. The stanky leg is one of the most original goal celebrations I’ve seen. Watch the Charlie Davies stanky leg celebration in the video below.

And here Davies does the stanky leg celebration while playing for DC United. I don’t think Davies will mind if he’s remembered for this goal celebration. Get down, do the stanky leg after you score you’re next goal.

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