What’s a Day Like at Barcelona’s La Masia

Barcelona’s La Masia a day in the life : After the 60 Minutes piece on Barcelona, there was a huge increase in people wanting to know what it’s like at Barcelona’s La Masia and how to get selected to attend La Masia. In the video below we get a glimpse of what their famous soccer school is like, but as far as how to go to La Masia, that process is a bit more complicated. One thing you can do as a young soccer player is attend a Barcelona soccer camp. Who knows, if you show well in the Barcelona’s soccer camp then you may end up at La Masia.

Barcelona must have soccer scouts all over the world, who see young soccer players and then ask them if they want to move to Barcelona and attend La Masia. A majority of the players come from Spain, and the surrounding areas of Barcelona, but increasingly it seems Barcelona is bringing in players from all over the world, whether they’re from Africa or South America.

It’s not all soccer (football) at La Masia, it’s also about school and homework. As Cesc Fabregas says in the 60 Minutes piece, if you’re not dedicated to both school and soccer, if you’d rather be out getting into trouble or going out to the clubs, you’ll be sent home.

24 hours at FC Barcelona’s Academy

The boys and girls that grow up at the FC Barcelona Masia have very busy days. This video, screened on Thursday at the presentation of the Club’s new model for youth football, shows a day in the life at the Oriol Tort Training Centre: from the moment that the young athletes wake up, following them on the school bus, going back for lunch at the Masia, doing classes before training, having dinner and then going to bed.

Throughout its history, la Masia has never stopped expanding and a number of its former residents have gone on to have a huge impact at the Club. These have included the likes of Guillermo Amor, Pep Guardiola, Tito Vilanova, Jordi Roura, Sergi Barjuan, Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernández, as well as top football players that are still in the first Barcelona team now, like Andrés Iniesta, Leo Messi and Sergi Roberto.

All of that has helped to make La Masia a leading centre on a worldwide level.