DeAndre Yedlin Is Very, Very, Very Fast

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Yedlin Speed
Here’s why Tottenham Hotspur’s signed Seattle Sounders young defender DeAndre Yedlin: He’s FAST. Sure, he might make a few mistakes from time to time, but he’s VERY FAST and can quickly make up for those mistakes. Plus, he’s only going to get better.

Deandre showing his flat out speed during the USA versus Belgium game. Yedlin, in white, number two, chasing down his opponent, Eden Hazard no less, on the right wing. This is called chase down speed. It seems Hazard is off to the races and will go at goal unimpeded, but no, Yedlin shows is incredible speed and catches up to him.

And Yedlin might just be the fastest player in the entire English Premier League once he joins Tottenham. Speed kills as they say.

Just watch this video of Yedlin closing down a player who’s one versus one with the keeper after Yedlin had mis-controlled the ball at midfield. Yes, there is the chance the other player Yedlin is chasing down is really slow, but still, watch how fast Yedlin makes up for his mistake. This is what you call closing speed. This play came in the Open Cup final between Yedlin’s Seattle Sounders and the Philadelphia Union.

Update: Apparently the player DeAndre Yedlin is closing down is Cristian Maidana, who’s supposed to have at least average speed. So, it’s not like Yedlin is closing down someone who is just really, really, slow.

Speed kills as they like to see in soccer. It’s one quality that you can’t really learn or teach you either have it or you don’t. But one things for sure, you have to play the game in order to win the money. For Yedlin, he’s certainly playing the game with intensity and you can tell he wants to win. This is why he’s now playing with a big club.

With Yedlin, his speed has enabled him to get the chances at the World’s biggest stage, the World Cup, where he used his speed to attack and defend which drew the attention of big clubs in Europe. Yedlin was one of the biggest surprises for the United States, coming off the bench and making a huge impact.

Yedlin signed with Tottenham Hotspur in London, and although he’s not getting much playing time just yet, and will most likely go out on loan, he’s being paid a substantial amount of money each week and learning from some top players in the English Premier League. Surely Yedlin’s work rate and speed will get him time on the pitch for a top EPL team and he’ll gain more experience in the coming years.

Yedlin is just 21 years old, and will be a star for the United States national team for years to come. The question remains though, where will Yedlin play? What’s his best position, defender or midfield? You’d have to say, with his speed, you want him close to the goal to create chances, so wide midfield is his best position.

A product of the Seattle Sounders Academy and currently the starting right back for EPL team Newcastle United, the stylish Yedlin has already earned 52 caps and is one of the emerging “veterans” of the MNT team at age 25.

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