Defending in Pairs

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Defending in Pairs

By Dave Chesler


DEFENDING in PAIRS: Review and reinforce the key mechanics
of individual defending. Competitive environment where 2
defenders coordinate & adjust def. roles by reading cues of
teammate and opponents. (Pressure – Cover/Support)

Phase I

WARM-UP: (Dribbling Tech. Focus)
2/3rds w/ball at feet- others w/ vest
*Players dribble in a restricted space.
*Players w/ vest try to “tag” the ball by
throwing the vest at the ball.
*If ball is tagged, the players switch
ONE v. ONE DUALS (see diagram)

One Versus one Defending

Phase II

“2 v 2” DUALS:
Utilize the same grid as the 1st activity.
Create angle goals in each corner.
*Each team attacks 2 goals and defends
the opposite 2 goals.
*Directional pressure (1st defender)
*Role of support defender (2nd defender)
*Tackle Methods (toe poke & block tackle)

Phase III

“4 v 4” ZONAL GAME (+GK’s):
BEGIN w/ 2 strikers and 2 backs
restricted to the attacking 1/2
ADD movement of supporting MF into
attacking zone
5 v5 with substitutions and 2 full-sized

Two Versus Two in Box

1. Players are restricted to their specific attacking/defending half.

2. Rotate players into the attacking zone on each goal or at specific time intervals.

3. Exercise should progress to a stage where a player may follow the ball into the attack half.

4. The ‘buffer’ zone may be widened in order to emphasize passing and timing of runs.

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