The Clint Dempsey Celebration Killer Stare

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Dempsey Killer Stare
Clint Dempsey is a scoring machine these days, knocking home his 13th goal of the Premier League season versus Norwich just two minutes after the start of the match. And those 13 goals are an American record for goals scored in the English Premier League and the season’s not over.

Above image credit goes to US Soccer for the pre-game Dempsey killer stare with the headphones!

After Dempsey scored, we once again had the pleasure of witnessing his mad as hell killer stare after he scores a goal. It’s like he saying, “What did you expect? Of course I’m going to score. I’ll do whatever I have to do to score.”

And then Dempsey added a Michael Jackson like crotch grab to the celebration and stare. Maybe he’ll break out a moon walk one of these days.

Following on from his retirement from football, we take a look back at some of Clint Dempsey’s best goals from the Premier League.

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