Clint Dempsey Gets Into the Face of Craig Bellamy

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Clint Dempsey Gets Into the Face of Craig Bellamy

I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet Dempsey and Bellamy aren’t talking about where they get their tattoos done in London. Both players known for not backing down from a chance to do some trash talking, get to know one another a little better in the picture below. Dempsey took exception to they way Bellamy went in on a tackle and told him so.

In the end though it was
Dempsey who got the better of Bellamy, as he scored the game winner after following up a Danny Murphy shot that Liverpool goalkeeper Reina muffed.

Face Off: Clint Dempsey & Craig Bellamy

Here’s video of the Dempsey and Bellamy sort of fight – where Dempsey headbutts him. Both players received yellow cards for the altercation. But it shows just how tough Dempsey is, not backing down from anyone, even Bellamy, who while Dempsey is bigger than he does have quite a reputation for causing trouble and talk a lot of trash.



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