Dempsey Makes Impact in Fulham Debut

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Dempsey Makes Impact in Fulham Debut

From a great article by David Hirshey:

"It’s nice that two Americans were involved in the goal," Dempsey said afterwards. "But I’m not looking at it that way. I just want to get fully fit and contribute. Considering that I haven’t played since November, it felt good to get a runout."

So determined is Dempsey to get back into shape he ran windsprints for half an hour after the game. When he finally walked off the field, he looked like your typical English pro, his body covered with sweat, grime, and cleat marks.

Will he be composing a rap in honor of his Premiership debut?

"No," he smiled. "I’m retired from rapping. I just want to focus on soccer and chillin’."

Read more at DeadSpin….

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