Denilson to Dallas

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Denilson to Dallas

His last professional playing run was in the desert playing for oil tycoons. The master of the double step over that too many kids do too frequently and incorrectly. I’ve always been a fan of the subtle feint a la Messi. Sure, bring out the step over when you are in the open and one on one but not every time. Or, at least wait until you’ve master the ability to dribble with both feet at speed. Anyway, the excitement that Denilson will bring to the MLS is wonderful. He’s a pure professional that’s played for Real Betis for a number of years.

Denilson, who last played his club soccer in Saudi Arabia, was a key contributor to Brazil’s 2002 World Cup win and becomes just the 4th player ever in MLS history to have won a World Cup. The Metrostars/New York Red Bulls have had the previous three with Branco, Lothar Matthaus and Youri Djorkaeff.

The winger has been keeping fit back in Brazil by training with the first team of Sao Paulo club Palmeiras and playing matches with their reserves. The club will officially present Denilson on Friday at Pizza Hut Park.


I don’t know if the MLS will be like this retirement game, but gives you an idea of the skill and style that Denilson brings to the game. What is great about him is the speed at which he does some of these moves.



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