Dennis Bergkamp Juggle Goal Versus Leicester City

This is the Dennis Bergkamp goal that will always be talked about and searched for online. Everything about this Bergkamp juggle goal is marvelous: The lead up, a few sharp passes that settle the play, and the wonderful lofted switch by David Platt.

And then of course there’s the exquisite skill of Bergkamp, who is now joining the coaching ranks at Ajax, as he juggles the soccer ball not once but twice, first with the right foot and then the left foot, before cutting back inside to slot the ball home, as the defender, now almost foolishly, over runs the play. To top it off, this goal completed his hat trick in the game. Watch the famous Bergkamp juggle goal in the video below.

Leicester City 3-3 Arsenal, the game is from 1997 – Yeah, that’s Kasey Keller getting beat by Bergkamp, if you’re going to get beat then this isn’t a bad goal to get beat on.

Arsene Wenger agrees that Bergkamp’s goal versus Leicester was his greatest. However, his goal versus Newcastle wasn’t half bad either.

Here’s a great quote from Dennis Bergkamp’s book: Stillness & Speed: My Story. How did Bergkamp become such an amazing soccer player? He spent time on his own with the soccer ball kicking it against the wall, juggling, trying to get better….

There, a worn-out brick wall still stands testament to the innate footballing mind, maturity and drive present even in an 8 year old Dennis Bergkamp. He spent countless hours practicing, kicking the ball against it, experimenting with different ways of how to control it, seeing how it bounced and how many times, how that affected how it cam back…things that still don’t occur to most professional footballers.

It was there that Bergkamp’s technique was refined to such a precision that he would aim for a corner of a particular brick, each time with different pace, power and spin to see how the ball’s trajectory changed. That wall is the birthplace of Bergkamp’s obsession with control, the importance he gave to that first touch, the challenges he set himself from a very young age in order to come as near that perfection as possible.

It’s not thinking. It’s doing….Most of the time I was by myself, just kicking the ball against the wall, seeing how it bounces, how it comes back, just controlling it. I found that so interesting.

Dennis Bergkamp

Celebrate club legend Dennis Bergkamp’s 46th birthday by watching his top five Premier League.

“You have to shoot, to want to score goals no matter how. Just score that goal! You can’t be afraid to miss.” But of course Bergkamp didn’t just score regular goals he scored amazing and beautiful goals during his time with Arsenal.