Diego Maradona’s Face Shield

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Maradona Face Shield

What kind of face shield is Diego Maradona wearing? Maradona wears a space age mask as he coaches Argentine Primera División club Gimnasia de La Plata from his chair on the sidelines. And it’s not just any old chair Maradona sits on either – looks very comfortable and one you’d see in the office of a CEO and not on the sidelines of soccer game. But that face shield on Maradona’s face was the talk of world football. I’m assuming that’s his son sitting next to him with a space age like shield on as well.

Really, don’t know if you’d even call it a mask that Maradona is wearing, it’s more of a plastic shield that you’d see in Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s a mask or shield from the future in other words. Yes, it’s like something an astronaut would wear who is traveling to mars. Maradona didn’t like all of the jokes about his mask though. Some were even calling him Buzz Lightyear from the Disney movie Toy Story.

“Those journalists who criticize you when you don’t take care of yourself. And when you take care of yourself, too. Those who laugh at people like me, but when they give the death toll, they are scandalized. It would be good for them to understand that they cannot sell themselves at all costs, without respect for anything or anyone. Agree on it, guys.”

It may be time for another documentary on Maradona. Also, young soccer players who live in the age of Messi shouldn’t forget just how go Maradona was when he played the game. Maradona’s dribbling abilities on the soccer field are many times forgotten since he’s often talked about more about for his troubles off the field.

Diego Maradona not taking any chances catching the coronavirus. Living in the year 2040 with a very impressive face shield from the future.

I’m wondering how Maradona is going to smoke his cigar while wearing the face shield. I guess it flips up pretty easy so he can smoke if he needs to.

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