What Is The CogiTraining Method?

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CogiTraining Method

Have you heard of the CogiTraining Method in soccer? What exactly does this soccer coaching method entail? Is it like Coerver soccer training? In some ways yes, it is like Coerver, since it’s all about improving your skills on the soccer ball with both feet and ones awareness on the field. What’s more though, this coaching method gets soccer players to think ahead all the time. This is is a powerful format for training soccer players to think and move. Players always have to be concentrating and thinking about their next action.

At the highest level of professional soccer, the soccer ball and game moves fast, players need to know what they are going to do before they get the ball. In fact, players have to have a plan that’s three or four moves ahead of what they hope is going to happen or might happen. What’s great about soccer is it’s such a dynamic sport, there are not set plays. But there are patterns of play and sequences that players can enact themselves on the field.

Modern football goes all about rhythm, timing, spacing and exceptional technical and mental skills. This coaching philosophy allows players to internalize the essential ingredient of modern football, that is: speed of vision, speed of decision-making, speed of execution. More information on www.cogitraining.com

CogiTraining is a training method developed by Michel Bruyninckx. This method is the result of over 10 years of research and implementation within the framework of a sports research study in association with the University of Leuven in Belgium.

Michel Bruyninckx and the CogiTraining staff often get requests from around the world to teach the CogiTraining method and the practice of SenseBall at professional football clubs and associations.

The CogiTraining Method allows initially “normal” players to internalize the essential ingredient of modern football, that is: speed of vision, speed of decision-making, speed of execution. SenseBall is one specific tool of this coaching program, which guarantees the individual technical development.

The approach at the heart of the CogiTraining Method is one of humility and openness since it amounts, initially, to asking the question, quite simply: how can we best learn a team game (in this case, football) by designing training based on what we actually know at the present time, scientifically, about how the human brain works and learns.

It is thus a question of building right into every training exercise the discoveries made in the field of neurology (the medical science which, without doubt, has made most progress over the last 15 years) regarding the way in which the human brain learns.

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