Manchester City’s Eric Garcia Wearing Headgear

Eric Garcia wearing headgear: After suffering a brutal head injury, Manchester City defender Eric Garcia wore headgear during the game against Leicester City. It’s some what surprising that all soccer players don’t wear the headgear during every game. Why not. Is it too uncomfortable? Surely Nike and Adidas and Puma and the like can make headgear that is comfortable and still enables you to head the ball.

Garcia’s head injury happened when his own keeper Emerson, went to clear the ball and took him out. Not sure what Emerson was thinking or obviously wasn’t thinking about Garcia’s head. A very scare incident that was like when the German keeper took out an attacking player in the World Cup. Scary to see Manchester City players react to the injury to Garcia as they shout to the referee to stop play as he lies on the field unable to move.

Emerson Takes Out Garcia.

And yeah, Emerson clearly deserves a red card for taking out his own defender! Emerson is an interesting goalkeeper to say the least. He’s a bit erratic you might say. He’s almost more well known for his ability to hit the long ball than making saves. Here is goes overboard and takes out his own defender and Garcia is lucky it wasn’t more serious.

Schumacher collision with Battiston in the 1982 World Cup

From Goal: “He had no pulse,” Platini said after. “He looked so pale.” Seven minutes elapse before a stretcher materializes. The man is placed upon it and carried from the field of play. His arms are not folded across his chest. One flops downward beneath the stretcher, sickeningly betraying the horror of what just occurred. That limb bobs lifelessly. Platini, Battiston’s captain, team-mate, friend, picks it up. He holds it, caresses it, kisses it.

One of the more famous wearers of headgear is goalkeeper Petr Cech.

Again though, I’m surprised more soccer players aren’t wearing headgear all the time. Certainly keepers and maybe defenders at least. The headgear available for soccer players only keeps getting better and probably stronger and lighter overall than years ago. Not sure how long Eric Garcia will have to wear the headgear while he’s playing.