Diving Header in Soccer

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This is how you score a goal via a diving header in soccer. Watch how Keith Houchen lays the soccer ball off and then spins to make a run into the box and goes airborne, scoring with a wonderful diving header. Not a bad cross either, clipped in perfectly.

One of the greatest FA Cup goals of all time in one of the greatest cup finals. Yes, Houchen’s diving header for Coventry in the 1987 FA Cup Final is one to watch. See it the spectacular diving heard right here.

It takes a fair amount of courage and guts to lay your body out for a diving header. There are often defenders all around and a keeper coming out at you. And you have to time the dive and header just right to latch on to the ball with enough power to direct it on goal and past the keeper.

Watch Alan Shearer’s diving header. And another diving header that’s a work of art is Robin van Persie flying header. The cross is perfect too.

DeAndre Yedlin is in the right place at the right time as he gets on the end of Allan Saint-Maximin’s deflected shot and heads in to get Newcastle on level terms against Bournemouth. This is an amazing diving header by Yedlin.

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