Landon Donovan’s Pre-Game Meal

Landon Donovan’s Pre-Game Meal

What does Landon Donovan eat before a soccer game? Don’t think nutrition is a big part of becoming a good soccer player?

Well, recently, Donovan tweeted this picture of the fruits and vegetables he was going to blend up as fuel before a pre-season game for the LA Galaxy.

You’d think Donovan might have a chef or nutritionist do all this for him what with the amount of money he makes, $2,127,778 per year. But Donovan is a man of the people, and he makes his own meals.

It looks like he’s got an apple, some strawberries, blue berries, maybe some oranges, and some greens (kale). He said he can’t even taster the kale in the smoothie. Smart and healthy I’d say. I’m guessing this smoothie is his usual morning game day meal.

Landon Donovan Pre-Game Meal

I guess there’s no need to run for Donovan to run over to Jamba Juice. Actually, he might have a potential business after his playing days are over: Donovan’s Super Smoothies. No really though, Donovan takes care of himself, in the past he has said he doesn’t even drink soda since it’s bad for you.

What to take away from all this? If you want to play soccer at a high level for a long period of time, then you’ve got to take care of yourself and watch what you eat.

Another thing that Donovan does before games which is a bit funny but also pretty common amongst soccer players is sniff smelling salt right before kick off. I’ve never done it but I imagine it’s like taking a shot of espresso.