Eric Cantona – Top Ten Goals

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I don’t know if young soccer player know about Eric Cantona. They should though. Here’s a series of incredible goals from the legend, Eric Cantona. A unique talent that lifted up the players around him and the fans. You could just tell that Cantona loved to play the game of soccer from the way he played it. His passion and style of play was contagious.

Yes, Cantona’s intensity got the better of him at times, but he was a proven winner with Manchester United and all the other soccer teams he played on. Just hit play to watch the genius of Eric Cantona in action. He does everything with a certain ease and smoothness. It makes you envious watching him play the game. You wish you could pull off some of things he can with so much grace and style. But he was also a force, in that he wanted to win and show the world just how good he was at this game. Did Cantona set the tone at Manchester United and change the club? Yes.

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