Making England Look Like Brazil

Making England Look Like Brazil

Alex Ferguson called Barcelona’s style of play the ‘passing carousel’ – that’s what the U.S. made England look like yesterday. Either Barca or Brazil that is. How many passes were there before the smart finish by Gerrard? At least six or seven I’d say.


Bradley, the player not the coach, had a rough game. Normally he’s a guy that never gives the ball away. Perhaps he was tired from a long season in Holland or there were a bit of nerves playing in the new Wembley. The U.S. gave away the ball stupidly numerous times, out of character really for Bradley and the new resurgent team of the past few years. The out with the old leader, Reyna, and in with the new leader, Donovan, United States team. Maybe that were missing Donovan, their talisman, the sort of glue of the club.

What’s Eddie Johnson doing on the team? I just don’t think he’s got the gumption to play at the highest level. I’m surprised that Fulham has kept him on board. Do they seem him transforming from speed and talent to a solid pro like McBride? I’d much rather see Nate Jaqua in the U.S side and Fulham. I think he’s a better fit with Dempsey than Johnson. The U.S. needs a replacement for McBride, unless he’s going to come back to the fold, let’s hope so.

I was happy to see Terry make amends to an extent for last weeks slip miss pk and score off of the header.

What’s up with Rooney? The guy is a boxing monster. There’s no let up in his play even in a friendly. He karate kick like tackled numerous players, upending Ricardo Clark one time at midfield. Put his hand out to help Clack up after he’d just abused him. He’s driven to say the least. Is that just how he gets up to play—he has to be pissed off?

Adu, his free kicks were terrible, but the kids got some flair and little fear—that just goes a long long way in this game. He’s not afraid to drive at a player or take chances. But he’s got to sharpen up. He’s getting more and more chances in the full national team and has to settle down a bit. Find that balance let’s say. He’s trying to serve in crosses like Beckham but he can’t. Let’s at least get the ball over the first man.

Speaking of crosses, if there was one thing that stood out that the U.S. players couldn’t do was cross. Frankie Hedjuk has been playing how long now and he still can’t whip in a good cross? I love the energy he brings, but the sharpness of his play is lacking. The one player who played a nice cross was Eddie Lewis, as he made Joe Cole the fool after he’d just come on and sent a cross to the far post.

Owen Hargreaves is a machine. He was everywhere.

The United States have two comes coming up where they can redeem themselves, Spain and Argentina. Oh the glory of it all. What a chance this is for players to make a names for themselves.

Extra: Poland will be in the Euro 2008 and the U.S. smoked past them, England of course won’t. What craziness it was not to have Beckham in the England side during qualifying for the Euro tournament. How can they not qualify for Euro 2008 when the EPL is at its pinnacle? The biggest error was in goal. England should have had David James back there – he’s got the experience.