Etoo Champions League Final Goal

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Etoo Cut
Etoo’s Champions League final goal versus Manchester United. A sublime cut that changed the momentum of the soccer game. Barcelona were on their heels, as Manchester United dominated the first ten minutes of the game, but with Etoo’s goal, the game turned and Barcelona took control of the match. Etoo’s game changing fake shot and cut took some guts to pull off. He was in the box though, why not take a chance. And he did it with a calmness that few players have. It’s what made him so great.

Alex Ferguson later claimed the goal “killed us [Man United].”

Etoo doesn’t get enough credit for just how good he was during his time at Barcelona. An exceptional forward who scored goals with a grace and ability few others possess. After scoring Etoo slapped the inside of his arm repeatedly.

From Eto’o then explained his gesture of slapping his arm after the goal as he stated that it means “el sangre de mi padre” (my father’s blood). “I dedicate this cup to my father, I am very happy, I helped my team to win and that’s fantastic,” he added.

Barcelona v Manchester United: 2009 UEFA Champions League final highlights.

See how goals by Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi guided Barcelona to victory in the final against Manchester United.

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