Highlights: Everton Versus Hull City

Highlights: Everton Versus Hull City

Donvoan Says Goodbye to Everton?

Hull City were Null City today, as Everton walked all over them. Everton looked like a team who could challenge for a Champions League place in the top four.

Mind you, this was all against Hull City, a side that looks like they’re playing at half speed. Mikel Arteta, is he a carbon copy of Fabregas, Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi? That might be a stretch, but you get the idea: Spain knows how to produce a midfield maestro.

I’ve warmed to Everton, more or less watching them attentively the past few weeks since Donovan joined their side. But Everton are a very good club, from Arteta, to Saha, to Cahill, to Neville to Howard, to Distin, to Pienaar, to Baines, to the youngsters, Gosling and Rodwell. Not to mention Marouane Fellaini who’s out injured. They have quite a few internationals on the site.

Everton know how to ping the ball around and play good soccer. And it’s fun to watch. Looks like they enjoy playing with one another. I guess that means they have a good coach in David Moyes.

Pienaar cleverly pulled the ball back with the bottom of his foot for Arteta’s second goal. And the camera flashed to Arteta’s beautiful wife in the stands, the announcer said, ‘ beautifully crafted, and I’m not taking about her’. Hilarious. Arteta’s wife is muy guapa at the minimum. And the goal was good too. The route was on from there though, as Everton spread the ball around and had numerous chances.

Donovan came on with twenty minutes to go, and playing in his perhaps last match for Everton, promptly laid the ball back for Yakubu to slam home but the striker hit the ball over. Shortly there after Donovan was fed wide and smashed the ball into the back of the net. A perfect strike and not an easy one, especially since he missed a sitter a few weeks back. Then Donovan laid the ball back for Rodwell, who scored on the half volley. Really, Donovan couldn’t have asked for a better loan spell and hopefully it won’t end. I just don’t see how he can go back to LA, other than if he wants to rest.

The game ended 5-1 but could have been 10-2. Jozy Altidore got about thirty minutes for Hull City, and to his credit held the ball up well a few times but was unable to take any players on or create another. He didn’t stand out.

There was even talk about Donvoan signing with Chelsea. Could you imagine? But Donvoan would do well on a very good team. He’s always been the player who had to do everything, on a good team he’d get more chances in dangerous positions and just have to finish and set other players up. He settled into the Everton side well, not playing outside of himself, play simple when he needed to. I’m sure he could do the same at a bigger club. However, I’m guessing that was just all talk and a story for the papers.